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    Stoneridge Vineyard

    The aptly named Stoneridge Vineyard possesses a mixture of well-drained sandy and loamy soil layered over large rocks and gravel in the Royal Slope AVA. The Davis family started planting Stoneridge in 2000, with further development from 2006-2013. It is notable for being the vineyard source for the 100-point Royal City Syrah made by Charles Smith.


    Coordinates 46.94142, -119.45037

    When the Davis family began working the ground in this unique area of the Royal Slope, it was a major feat and constant battle with the large amount of rocks that were throughout the soils here. Due to this, the original farm name was Bedrock Farms. The name Stoneridge pays homage to the original farm name and adjacent ridge.

    Located 5 miles south of Corfu Crossing, this warm Royal Slope site has an elevation of 760-814 feet and row spacing is at 9’ by 6’, planted off axis. Grape varieties planted here include Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, Malbec, Syrah, Tempranillo and Viognier. Managed by Lawrence Vineyards, the site is farmed sustainably, utilizing organic methods and keeping tonnage in balance with what the land can best produce.

    Vineyard Information

    Soil Type
    Ephrata Fine Sandy Loam, Malaga Cobbly Sandy Loam, Malaga Very Stony Sandy Loam and Quincy Fine Sand. The depth is 6 inches to 60 inches, with gravel and large rocks mixed throughout. Very well drained soil.
    Aspect to the sun
    Off Access 30 Degrees
    Farm practices
    Year planted
    Vine Spacing
    9ft x 6ft