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Never miss a vintage

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Why Membership?

Membership is special.

You are the foundation which enables us to dream.

We are obsessed with the Columbia Valley, and each of our vineyards within it. Every year we set course to care for them in a thoughtful and sustainable way, believing they will reward us with wines which are a true reflection of the dynamic texture and layered depth found within the distinct terroir of our extraordinary region.

And with each vintage, our obsession grows deeper.

With every release, we hope you find a window into the meticulous dedication we strive for in caring for our vineyards. Each wine is made to share during the moments where you feel your life is most well-lived.

Our members are not just fans.

Together, our shared passion for the Columbia Valley enables our team to continue the pursuit in showcasing this incredible region in it’s best light. We love making wine for you. We hope you feel our passion in every bottle. In every glass. Through every vintage.

Join us on our journey into the full expression of the Columbia Valley.

Because obsession loves company.

Vineyard at sunset

How we release wines

Jaine releases 6-8 wines per year.

Each wine is released after our winemaking team feels it is in its optimal state for you.

After each vintage is bottled, we set aside your desired amount for 9-12 months in our temperature controlled cellar. The wines are carefully evaluated over several months to ensure they are setting into harmony.

Due to each wines unique timeline, we typically focus on releasing one wine at a time. Once our winemaking team feels a wine is ready for release, we will send you a notification (by email + text message) with its release date, along with an in-depth look at each careful decision we made in crafting the wine.

Each release can be shipped directly to you, or can be picked up at our Woodinville Tasting Room + Farm located here.

Each member has a login at our website, which empowers you to increase your allocation or edit your shipment information.

Each release is incredibly special for us, and it's a joy to share the wines with you. By becoming a First Access member, you will never miss a vintage.

Our upcoming release calendar is located below:

Release Calendar

  • Jan

  • Feb

  • Mar

    Claret Club (Red Only)

    2019 Jaine Cottage Reserve Sauvignon Blanc

    2019 Jaine Cottage Reserve Chardonnay

    2021 Jaine Columbia Valley Chardonnay
  • Apr

  • May

    Claret Club (Red Only)

    2020 Jaine Cottage Reserve Sparkling Rosé

    2023 Jaine Thunderstone Rosé

    2021 Jaine Members Reserve Bacchus Sauvignon Blanc
  • Jun

  • Jul

    Claret Club (Red Only)

    2023 Jaine Columbia Valley Rosé

    2021 Jaine Members Reserve Conner Lee Sauvignon Blanc

    2021 Jaine Members Reserve Conner Lee Chardonnay
  • Aug

  • Sep

    Claret Club (Red Only)

    Wines TBD
  • Oct

  • Nov

    Claret Club (Red Only)

    Wines TBD
  • Dec

Jaine reserves the right to make changes to the Wine Clubs and their release calendars

All Membership benefits include:

  • Receive a guaranteed shipment of each new release
  • All wines released with First Access pricing, which is below retail pricing
  • Ability to increase shipment amount ahead of release to public
  • Priority invitations to Members-only events, dinners, and pop-ups
  • Complimentary tasting for you and your guests (4 per month)
  • First access to library wine offerings
  • Access to all other Avallé wines at Membership prices
  • Seasonal farm offerings grown and sourced locally
  • Quick online access to add or exchange your shipments
  • Access to our concierge team to recommend tastings or other adventures throughout the Columbia Valley

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