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    Stillwater Creek Vineyard

    Situated in the Frenchman Hills of the Columbia Valley in the Royal Slope AVA lies 235 acres of vineyards. Although the site was purchased in 1968 by Thomas Alberg, it was not until 34 years later, in 2000, that it was finally planted with the guidance of Mike Januik to a variety of vinifera grapes, with the goal of producing high quality grapes and a diverse and innovative clonal selection.

    Coordinates 46.95738, -119.64436

    The steep vineyard is planted on fractured basalt and loamy soils. Farming utilizes sustainable practices on this steep, south-facing slope.

    Possessing higher elevation in one of Washington State’s warmest areas, allows Stillwater Creek to have slightly cooler temperatures, which means winemakers sourcing from this vineyard are able to hang fruit longer, providing more phenolic ripeness while also retaining acidity. Uniquely situated on a plot of land that was partially outside of the effects of the Missoula Floods means the upper slopes have soils native to the place.

    The vines are cordon pruned, and typically two bud spurs are evenly spaced along the cordon, helping to achieve desired shoot density and yields. In addition, shoot positioning and suckering are utilized during the growing season to optimize sunlight on the fruit zone.

    The vineyard is widely considered to be one of Washington State’s top vineyards and is sought after by many of the best winemakers in the state.

    Stillwater Creek Vineyard was the first Columbia Valley vineyard to be certified ‘Salmon Safe’ by Seattle’s Stewardship Partners, which means that they have implemented water protection practices that protect the habitats of fish and wildlife. They have also developed sustainable agricultural practices to ensure the protection of the land for generations to come. To that end, meticulous attention to detail is employed in their farming practices.

    Vineyard Information

    Soils are distinguished by a large amount of fractured basalt
    Cabernet Sauvignon: 8, Merlot: FPMS 3, Malbec: FS, Syrah: Phelps, Chardonnay: 95
    North/ South
    1,400 ft
    9' x 6'