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    Thunderstone Vineyard

    A reference to the shape of this vineyard site, thunderstones are ancient artifacts, oftentimes arrowheads, turned up in the soil from farmers' plows and regarded in folklore as having been cast to the earth from thunderbolts. In Scandinavia, thunderstones were frequently worshiped as family gods who kept off spells and witchcraft.


    Vineyard Information

    Soil Type
    Kennewick silt loam, Scoon silt loam and Taunton fine sandy loam
    Clones Planted
    Cabernet Sauvignon: Clones 8, 191 Cinsault: Clone 2 Grenache: Clone 3 Mouvedre: Clone 4 Syrah: Clones Tablas Creek, Joseph Phelps
    Aspect to the Sun
    North / South
    Farm Practices
    Fully Sustainable
    Year Planted
    930-1,032 ft
    Vine Spacing
    7' x 4' off axis